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Our Processes


We will conduct a thorough research to identify potential candidates. This includes mapping out the target pool of qualified talents at different organizations through the use of our own network of information sources, resulting in the identification of a list of potential candidates.


Once the pool of talents have been identified, qualified, and prioritized, we will proceed to approach each candidate and conduct in-depth interviews. Evaluating and assessing candidates’ mindset, working style, specific expertise, personality, work experience, educational background and other information of relevance the position to ensure a higher rate of a successful hire.


We will present a refined candidate list, provide additional information regarding the candidates, arrange client-candidate interviews, and continue to liaise between the Clients and Candidates until an employment offer is structured and accepted.

Client-Candidate Negotiations

Euro Search will assist with compensation negotiations. As a third party, we could act as an intermediary and/or report factors that may influence the candidate’s acceptance to help structure the offer.

Reference Reporting

Euro Search makes every effort to verify that candidates’ representations of their backgrounds and qualifications are accurate. Once an offer has been accepted by a candidate, Euro Search will undertake a reference check to verify the facts submitted by the candidate.

Integration and Guarantee

Once a candidate has accepted an offer to a position, we will assist in the on-boarding process, and will remain in close communication with both parties during the beginning of the placement, as we often find that is helps facilitate the first few months of adjustment period. Should a newly retained executive resign within six months of being hired, Euro Search will conduct a replacement search.


All proprietary information concerning the Client: its organization, products, services, and business plans will be treated with the strict confidentiality.

Time Frame

Upon receipt of your agreement to this search assignment, the following processes will take place:

Week 1

Discussing with Client and obtain a detailed specification for the role
Briefing team members of assignment and circulating job specification to all consultant
Defining target companies and/or individuals
Constructing the market mapping or source list
Presenting initial progress report to client

Week 2-3

Developing a Shortlist of candidates
Approaching, interviewing, assessing, and screening candidates
‘Source’ list review
Presenting second progress report to client

Week 3-4

Preparing Candidate Report*
Presenting Candidate Report to client*
Arranging and managing the candidate-client interviews*

Note *: these may also be proceeded at the beginning of week 3 as first round of presentation of appropriate candidates, while our search and interviewing are on-going

Week 4-5

Discussing and consulting with clients regarding the interviews

Week 5-6

Discussing the outcome of the interviews with client
Liaising between both parties during package negotiation
Managing the candidate offer process
Assisting the candidate in the resignation process

Overview of Search Process: